The new year, a new decade … something about January 1st leaves us all feeling like we get a fresh start. It also comes with a bit of pressure to completely overhaul one’s life, make big changes all at once, and somehow think we need to leave the old behind.

Many of the traditions from which I draw inspiration and wisdom would view this time of year differently. Ayurvedically it’s still wintertime, the dead center of wintertime in fact. Energetically, this is a time of quietness and withdrawal, for hibernating and internal orientation. Nature teaches us this well. Look around … trees are not growing new leaves and plants are not sprouting new flowers (unless it’s the beautiful perennial indoor Christmas cactus!). Animals are not creating life or giving birth. 

So if you’re feeling more reflective than active this season, I’m here to tell you to follow that impulse. Curl up. Rest. Feed your soul with firelight and friendship and nourish your body with warm teas and grounding winter vegetables.

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is look back and give thanks. I consider the beauty, the lessons, the gifts and the accomplishments of the last year.  I like to make a long list … this year it was “19 for ‘19”. Sometimes we don’t see our own growth from day to day, so this list shows me how the year added up in my favor and for overall forward movement. I end up saying “Good job, Soul!” and “Thank you, Life!!”

Here are a couple of items from my 19 in ’19 list … I completed my M.A. in Somatic Depth Psychology at a school I absolutely fell in love with in California. The journey of the last two years at Pacifica Graduate Institute took my soul deep and my mind wide. I’m incredibly grateful for the alchemical container it was for my life. 2019 was also the year I launched two big creative projects with partners who are so very dear to my heart! Our co-creations are some of the truest expressions of myself yet in this world of my work. We did not birth those creative babies in January, by the way! 

Enjoy reflecting and deeply plant a few seeds that feel important to you … but save the explosive growth and change for spring. If this topic is of interest to you, be sure to join the upcoming Winter Wisdom online classroom event!