The What

10-12 oz. nut milk

1 large dollop plain, organic whole milk yogurt

1 c. frozen mixed berries

1 T. coconut butter

1 T. almond butter or tahini

1 scoop greens or multivitamin powder

1-2 tsp. honey (to taste)

¼ tsp. bee pollen

1/4 tsp. maca (optional)

1 tsp. cacao (optional)


The Why

Nut milk – because conventional dairy is inflammatory and hard to digest.

Whole milk yogurt – because a) protein, b) healthy fat, c) no added sugars and d) probiotics.

Frozen mixed berries – because no meal is complete without some of the colors of the rainbow.

Coconut butter –  like I tell all my clients, it’s not a meal unless it has fat and protein in it.

Almond butter or tahini – see above.

Greens powder – because America is overfed and undernourished.

Honey – according to Ayurveda, sweetness is balancing.

Bee pollen – as a source of B vitamins (naturally!)

Maca – for hormonal strength and balance.

Cacao – its key ingredient is theobromine, a satisfying but less over-stimulating cousin of caffeine.  Need I say more?


The How

Place nut milk and berries in the blender first.  I’m LOVING our Ninja Bullet on the road!  Super easy and our camper’s battery can handle the power it requires.  Add in all other ingredients and blend until super creamy, cold and smooth.  Enjoy!


The When

For breakfast or a snack! As breakfast, this meal doesn’t have the amount of fat and protein I usually recommend for a full meal so have additional fat or protein on hand for later in the morning.  (Think hard-boiled egg, a handful of nuts, or a piece of avocado toast).